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Work Experience

Moredun regularly provides work experience opportunities to school students.

Claire Armstrong, a 5th year student at an Edinburgh school explains what this meant to her:

Work experience 11-15th June

I spent a week doing work experience at Moredun as I am interested in perhaps doing a career in science but I do not really know what options are available and what would be the best degree to take at University.


During my week at Moredun I spent some time in the laboratories learning about and doing tissue culture, diagnostic work and research into different pathogens. This was great because I was able to see all the complicated procedures as I worked alongside the scientists. This also meant that they were able to explain exactly what they were doing and why.

I was also in the proteomics lab where I actually got to carry out my own diagnostic experiment to find out what protein was present in the sample. I did the experimental work and some of the computer analysis which was great! I also got to shadow one of the PhD students who took me up to the farm and explained her project to me and I helped her take temperatures of pigs along with the farm vet as part of her project. It was really good to be able to discuss with her and the vet what it was like doing a PhD as this is something I may end up doing myself.

I spent some time in the Communications Centre where I heard more about the work Moredun does to communicate science to a wide range of different people and I listened to some interviews being done for the BBC. On my last day I visited an organic farm where we were discussing setting up some educational activities to help people understand more about food and farming. I got to have a look round the farm which was very interesting and was inspired to make my own bread!

The work experience at Moredun has definitely not put me off science…the complete opposite! It has given me great insight into the variety of work involved in scientific research and has helped me to narrow down what I might like to do in the future. For example I am now aware of how applied and useful Moredun’s research is and this is something I am very interested in for my future career. I have also found it very helpful to discuss with the scientists about which degree I should take at University.

Research seems to be such a rewarding career which is always advancing and it is now something I am sure I would like to be part of.  Overall, my week at Moredun was a wonderful experience.

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