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Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

In October 2012 Moredun Research Institute, Scotland, and Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM), St. Kitts, entered into a new partnership to foster scientific research collaborations and provide education and training opportunities for veterinary students and research scientists in endemic and exotic zoonotic diseases.

RUSVM is located in St. Kitts, an island in the Eastern Caribbean region, which provides novel opportunities for collaborative research in focused areas, such as public health and epidemiology, zoonotic infections and parasitic diseases. RUSVM’s island location and innovative curriculum incorporates technology and simulations to provide veterinary students with a unique backdrop for developing exciting research experiences.  The university’s research focuses on wildlife and marine conservation medicine, as well as, trends in infectious and zoonotic disease patterns in developing countries.

“I am delighted that Moredun Research Institute and Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine have consolidated their partnership with the aim of training research scientists and veterinary students in the increasingly important area of animal health and global food security,” said Professor Julie Fitzpatrick, scientific director of Moredun Research Institute. “Working together on infectious diseases in Scotland and in St. Kitts allows transfer of skills and technologies to address the challenges of feeding the nine billion people estimated to exist in 2050.”

“This new partnership supports our commitment to developing a sustainable international research program and places Scotland at the centre of this. The research opportunities presented by our location in a developing country in the Caribbean are tremendous. We want to concentrate our research efforts on areas of relevance and strategic importance to the global livestock industry, as well as improving human lives,” said Professor Elaine Watson, dean of RUSVM. “I believe that the Moredun in particular, and Scotland in general, with its highly developed network of scientists working on veterinary diseases, can make a real difference to global animal and human health and welfare, and food security. The Caribbean, with its strategically important location on the doorstep of the developed world, and St Kitts with its island environment and genetically distinct species, together provide an excellent model for detection and study of patterns of disease."

Moredun is world renowned for its research on the prevention and control of infectious diseases of farmed livestock and has current research programmes on molecular diagnostics, zoonoses and parasitic diseases, which will benefit from this new interaction.

Professor Jacqui Matthews with Moredun, commented, “We are delighted to embark on this exciting new collaboration with colleagues at Ross University which we anticipate will further our joint interests in promoting the health and welfare of farm livestock through education and targeted research.”

Professor Rosina (Tammi) Krecek, associate dean for research at RUSVM added, “We are in a unique geographic location where little is known about the pathogens of domestic animals, wildlife and humans. Partnering with Moredun provides opportunities to build capacity in the region while harvesting the low-hanging fruits of pathogen discovery.”

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM), founded in 1982, is committed to educating career-ready veterinarians to serve society’s needs in the 21st century, admitting more than 400 students per year. More than 90% of the students are from North America, but the school is now actively encouraging student applicants from the UK. RUSVM students complete their academic program on a technologically-advanced campus in St. Kitts, West Indies, before completing the final clinical year of the program in one of the over 20 AVMA-accredited U.S. veterinary schools affiliated with RUSVM.

RUSVM has focused research programs in public health and epidemiology with an emphasis on parasitic and infectious diseases, conservation medicine, and environmental health. RUSVM is accredited by the St. Christopher & Nevis Accreditation Board and the American Veterinary Medical Association to offer the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree program. The RUSVM Veterinary Teaching Hospital is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. For more information about RUSVM, please visit their website

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Moredun is committed to promoting animal health and welfare through research and education and is recognized worldwide for its contribution to research into infectious diseases of farmed livestock.