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History of Moredun

It was a small group of forward thinking Scottish farmers who formed the Animal Diseases Research Association in 1920 to help provide solutions to improve the health of their livestock.

Mobile Laboratory

This group established their own research institute and employed vets and scientists to develop effective control and prevention solutions for a range of infectious diseases that were having a devastating effect on livestock at that time.  This unique partnership of farming and scientific expertise grew and developed, and 90 years on is now the internationally recognised Moredun Group. 

Based at Pentlands Science Park on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Moredun’s governing boards still include both farmers and scientists, thus maintaining this working partnership that has over the years developed solutions to control many of the most important livestock diseases both in the UK and Worldwide.

Although Moredun’s original expertise was in the diseases which affect sheep, it's remit has grown in recent years to include disease studies in goats, cows, horses and wildlife. However, Moredun’s work does more than safeguard animal health. It safeguards human health too, as some of the pathogens that infect animals may also be transmitted to people (for example, Campylobacter, E.coli, Toxoplasmosis, Cryptosporidia, and Chlamydia).

Moredun Research Institute

Moredun disseminates it's knowledge, skills and expertise as widely as possible to bring benefits to animals, livestock producers, the economy and to society at large...

Today the Moredun Group employs over 200 scientists, vets and support staff but it's mission statement remains the same - to improve animal health and welfare by reducing the burden of animal diseases.

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Moredun is committed to promoting animal health and welfare through research and education and is recognized worldwide for its contribution to research into infectious diseases of farmed livestock.