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Donation to the Moredun Foundation

The Moredun Foundation's mission is to promote animal health and welfare through research and education. We do this by supporting a broad and varied range of research initiatives at the Moredun Research Institute and by developing outreach programmes for farmers, vets and the general public. These projects support education and boost public awareness of a range of animal health issues, especially those that may have an impact on human health.

As The Moredun Foundation does not receive any Government funding we are dependant on financial help from our supporters so that vital areas of our work can continue.

By becoming a friend of Moredun and making a donation you can help support our work, both now, and in the future. Friends of the Foundation receive a magazine twice a year to keep them up to date with our news and activities. You can donate money to The Moredun Foundation by sending us a cheque at anytime. Alternatively, you can now donate online below:

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Moredun is committed to promoting animal health and welfare through research and education and is recognized worldwide for its contribution to research into infectious diseases of farmed livestock.