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Inocul8 is a development company focused on the commercialisation of world leading animal health research to yield high impact livestock vaccines to satisfy the needs of the farming and veterinary communities globally.

The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Moredun Research Institute (Moredun), based near Edinburgh in the UK.

We work alongside Moredun to:

  • Focus on the development of specific individual vaccine opportunities arising from Moredun’s research
  • Look for synergies amongst opportunities (both from Moredun and outside) to combine outcomes more effectively, to produce more efficacious, easier to use or combination vaccines.
  • Develop and pursue commercialisation strategies including:
    • Management of the downstream development process including, as required, manufacturing, evaluation and registration.
    • Securing new IP.
    • Attracting further funding to aid the development of the vaccine candidates
    • Interfacing with the market to maximise the potential of vaccine opportunities

The purpose of Inocul8 is to advance a number of exciting new opportunities for vaccines against a range of economically important livestock diseases. The development portfolio includes new or improved vaccines for haemorrhagic septicaemia (Pasteurella multocida), Caseous Lymphadenitis and Haemonchus contortus.

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Contact Inocul8

For all enquiries please contact:

Dr Richard Mole

Chief Operating Officer


Tel: +44 131 445 6202

Postal address and registered offices:

Pentlands Science Park
EH26 0PZ

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