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Proteomics is a branch of biotechnology that brings together the techniques of molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics to facilitate the identification and molecular characterisation of the proteins that are expressed by the genes of a particular cell under defined environmental conditions.

proteomics team at workThis data, together with downstream bioinformatic analyses, provides detailed information on protein structure and function, regulation of protein expression, post-translational modification and the molecular interactions of proteins during both normal physiological and diseased states.

The field of proteomics is dynamic and continues to evolve rapidly to address issues arising from sources ranging from genome sequence through to cell phenotype and its approaches have many potential applications in biomedical science and biotechnology.

proteomicsThe Moredun Proteomics Facility (MPF) was established in 2000 with financial assistance from the Scottish Government, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Scottish Enterprise Edinburgh and Lothian (SEEL). The MPF provides the facilities and expertise for the investigation of infectious diseases both from pathogen and host perspectives and the facility supports and contributes to many research projects.

The MPF provides support to scientists at Moredun as well as colleagues from other main research providers (MRPs), universities and private commerce. The MPF welcomes collaborations with external partners and can assure complete confidentiality through signed agreements. MPF staff members are available for consultation by arrangement and can offer advice on experimental design, protocol development, data analysis, etc.

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