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Tale of Two Squirrels

Scotland’s red squirrels are under threat. Why are our native squirrels struggling whilst the greys are thriving? Find out what can be done to help save our red squirrels.

This topic introduces children to the differences between the red and grey squirrels and explains why the population of red squirrels is decreasing. Is one type of squirrel better adapted to survive? Does habitat and diet choice have an effect? Or does disease play a part? Explore the answers to these questions and discover the impact non-native species can have on our wildlife.

Tale of Two Squirrels is a great introduction to biodiversity.

Curriculum links
Naturally our topics help to deliver science experience and outcomes, but they also have cross curriculum appeal. Tale of Two Squirrels links with the following areas of learning:

Science Experience and Outcomes:

  • Body systems and cells
  • Topical science


  • Expressive Arts
  • Literacy and English
  • Social Studies: People, place and environment

Age suitability
Moredun’s educational resources are suitable for a broad range of ages and abilities. With simple core messages and extension ideas, there is plenty of scope for the topics to be easily simplified or expanded upon if necessary.

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