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Bugs vs Drugs

A small army of bugs are fighting back! How can some bugs outsmart the drugs that are supposed to kill them? Find out how drugs tackle disease but why it is important to use them wisely.

This topic explains the challenges we face in combating bugs and why sometimes we lose the battle. Discover how drugs and bugs interact and how bugs can build up resistance and stop drugs working.

Bugs vs Drugs is an excellent introduction to disease control.

Curriculum links
Naturally our topics help to deliver science experience and outcomes, but they also have cross curriculum appeal. Bugs vs. Drugs links with the following areas of learning:

Science Experience and Outcomes:

  • Body systems and cells
  • Inheritance
  • Topical science
  • Biodiversity and interdependence
  • Chemical changes

Health and Wellbeing
Expressive Arts
Numeracy and Mathematics
Literacy and English

Age suitability
Moredun’s educational resources are suitable for a broad range of ages and abilities. With simple core messages and extension ideas, there is plenty of scope for the topics to be easily simplified or expanded upon if necessary.

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