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Ticking Time Bomb

What are ticks? Where are they found and what problems do they cause? Discover how we can protect ourselves from ticks and why climate change is being linked to their increase.

The number of ticks is on the increase, putting the public at greater risk as they head outdoors to participate in activities in rural locations such as hiking, cycling and camping.

This topic aims to raise the awareness of ticks and the problems they cause. Discover what can be done to help protect us in tick infested habitats and what to do when you find a tick - ideal preparation for being out and about in the countryside.

Curriculum links
Naturally our topics help to deliver science experience and outcomes, but they also have cross curriculum appeal. Ticking Time Bomb links with the following areas of learning:

Science Experience and Outcomes:

  • Body systems and cells


  • Social Studies: People, place and environment
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Literacy and English
  • Expressive Arts

Age suitability
Moredun’s educational resources are suitable for a broad range of ages and abilities. With simple core messages and extension ideas, there is plenty of scope for the topics to be easily simplified or expanded upon if necessary.

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