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Knowledgescotland Projects

Moredun is proud to be involved in the Knowledgescotland programme.  This new Government initiative aims to enhance knowledge exchange between policy makers and scientists through a range of different initiatives including a dedicated website, policy briefings, open house events, work shadowing schemes and various public events.

As a knowledgescotland partner Moredun has been actively involved in developing a number of initiatives.  As well as regularly producing policy briefings for the knowledgescotland website, Moredun has been responsible for 3 highly successful projects and schemes:

Enlightenment: The Art of Science

Collaboration, inspiration and imagination describe the creative process used in developing this exhibition which brings together Art and Science.Enlightenment

Inspired by scientific research being conducted at the Scottish Research Institutes it is hoped that the exhibition will spark curiosity and debate about scientific discovery and its relevance to our everyday lives.

The exhibition, called ENLIGHTENMENT, has been developed by Moredun Research Institute and features a creative mix of arts and science images by Scottish photographer David McIntyre.

Knowledgescotland: Connecting Science and Policy

This film showcases the work and relevance of the knowledgescotland filmScottish Research Institutes to our everyday lives.  Produced by Greenroom films in association with Moredun the shortened version of the film is available to view here.

Work Shadowing Scheme

This scheme aims to foster closer links between scientists and policy makers.  Launched in 2009 the scheme pairs scientists from the major research providers with relevant Scottish Government officials for 2 days with a 3rd day spent at the Scottish Parliament.  It is an excellent opportunity for scientists to gain a practical insight into how the outputs from research are used by Government.  Further information can be found in the Work Shadowing Evaluation Reports.

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