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Dr Lisa Boden

Job Title:
Board member


Lisa Boden is a veterinary public health specialist, with sub-speciality in epidemiology and population medicine. Her research interests lie in:

  • knowledge exchange
  • communication and translation of science into effective and ethical evidence to inform veterinary public health laws and policies
  • risk and resilience, emergency outbreak response and management
  • risk assessment and communication
  • horizon scanning and foresighting techniques including scenario planning; population medicine and epidemiology (infectious and non-infectious disease and injury); public health law and ethics (particularly with respect to contingency planning for disease).

Lisa is currently a Principal Investigator, EPIC, University of Glasgow having previously worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and as a small animal veterinarian in Australia and a large animal veterinarian in Northern Ireland.

Lisa is a member of the RCVS Fellowship Credentials Panel sub-panel assessing meritorious contribution to the profession.

  • 2016 – Chair of the European College of Veterinary Public Health (ECVPH) Credentials Committee
  • 2016 – Elected Ordinary member of the ECVPH Council
  • 2016 – Co-Director of ECVPH Residency programme for the University of Glasgow
  • 2016 – External examiner for the Universities of Edinburgh and RVC
  • Member of the ECVPH Education Committee, since 2010
  • Member of the Advisory Board of The Veterinary Journal, since 2010
  • Member of the Equine Veterinary Journal Clinical Evidence Board, since 2010.

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