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Science Strategy

Moredun’s mission is to prevent and control infectious diseases of livestock. Together, scientists at Moredun work towards a greater understanding of disease pathogenesis, development of diagnostic tests and the creation of novel vaccines with the aim to reduce disease prevalence and incidence worldwide.

Moredun’s research strategy centres on the multidisciplinary study of specific diseases or conditions by integrated application of scientific capabilities that span genomic and molecular analysis of pathogens to whole animal and population studies of disease processes in target species. The relevance of the research is constantly scrutinised and projects are developed which are relevant to the short, medium and long term needs of the agricultural industry.

Moredun's Science Strategy

Moredun’s work improves the well-being of animals in human care, increases the efficiency of production, helps to safeguard food safety, is responsive to climate change, protects biodiversity and is beneficial to the environment. Moredun fosters knowledge and technology transfer from the science base to end user groups including the scientific community worldwide, livestock keepers and land managers, food processors and retailers and the public in terms of safe food production and economic sustainability.

A world leader in linking cutting edge science to the evolving and essential livestock farming sector, Moredun recognises that sharing knowledge is vital in order to promote innovative science. Moredun contributes to wider research collaborations on a global level by providing expertise in research in disease pathogenesis, diagnostics and vaccinology. Moredun’s research also provides a pipeline for commercialisation including attracting commercial contracts and research collaborations, generation of royalty payments, licensing of technologies and establishing spin-out companies.

Moredun is a unique and valuable facility for livestock disease and surveillance. To enable Moredun scientists to undertake its mission there is a continuing investment in infrastructure. The laboratories at Pentlands Science Park are modern and well equipped with regular reviews of capital spend to ensure that this remains so. Microbiologically secure containment facilities, both laboratory and animal, are essential to the successful achievement of our strategic objectives and have been regularly improved and expanded. Through these investments Moredun also contributes to the development and maintenance of unique facilities which are accessible by Scotland’s scientific community.

Moredun’s research into infectious diseases of livestock contributes substantially to greater efficiency in the agricultural sector. Moredun also promotes the understanding and control of livestock diseases that is central to encouraging best practice and good animal welfare that is fundamental to all livestock systems.

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Moredun is committed to promoting animal health and welfare through research and education and is recognized worldwide for its contribution to research into infectious diseases of farmed livestock.