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University of Stirling

Moredun’s most recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed in 2009 with the Institute of Aquaculture (IOA) at the University of Stirling. The IOA has an international reputation for delivering solutions for infectious disease problems of fish. 

It was apparent that there are extremely complimentary skills and expertise resident in both organisations. The purpose of this MoU is to strengthen current joint programmes of collaborative research and to stimulate new collaborations that will provide added value to research within Scotland and the UK. The concept behind this interaction is to intensify collaborative research and attract additional research funding to two leading research organisations.

General Objectives

  • To build on existing links between the Institutes;
  • To identify the major scientific areas, disciplines or topics of respective or mutual interest;
  • To strengthen and encourage communication and collaboration between the Institutes, especially in the areas of mutual concern and benefit;
  • To exchange information and documentation which will be of value to each Institute in identifying areas of mutual interest and in assisting participants in this exchange;
  • Seek new funding opportunities that might be attracted by the collaboration.

Research Objectives

  • To promote the advancement of science, technology and human learning through the undertaking of collaborative research on topics of mutual interest and expertise;
  • To stimulate contacts between researchers in the two institutes and the formation of research linkages and groups;
  • To encourage researchers in each organisation to seek funding for the support of collaborative research;
  • To improve research communications through the exchange of publications, documents and materials, and the joint organisation of conferences and seminars.

Two jointly funded PhD Studentships are now in progress, one looking at Streptococcal infections in fish and the other looking at the problem of  increasing resistance in fish and sheep parasites to anti-parasiticides.


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