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Dr Dave Bartley

Dr Dave Bartley

Moredun Research Institute
Pentlands Science Park
Bush Loan
Midlothian EH26 0PZ

Telephone Number: 
+44 (0)131 445 5111
Email address:

Dave Bartley has worked at Moredun since graduating from East London University in 1995 with a BSc (Hons) in Infectious Diseases. 

Dave has been involved in examining and assessing the effectiveness of strategies for controlling gastro-intestinal nematodes whilst maintaining genes for susceptibility to anthelmintics.  In conjunction with this work he has also been involved in investigating mechanisms of anthelmintic resistance.

David was awarded his PhD in 2008 from Edinburgh University for his thesis entitled “Prevalence, characterisation and management of anthelmintic resistance in gastro-intestinal nematodes of Scottish sheep”. 

Current Research: 
  • The application of bioassays for the detection and characterization of anthelmintic resistance in livestock”
  • “Non specific mechanisms of anthelmintic resistance in gastro-intesinal nematodes of livestock”.
  • “Management of anthelmintic resistance in sheep” 

Selected Key Publications

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