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NSA/Moredun Webinar – Seeking a balance between effective sheep parasite control and environmental impact

Experts in the field Lesley Stubbings, Independent Sheep Consultant and Philip Skuce, Moredun Research Scientist debate sheep parasite control now and in the future, chaired by NSA Chief Executive Phil Stocker.

February 2023

Philip Skuce, Principle Scientist: Philip has worked at Moredun for over 25 years on various aspects of sustainable control of helminth parasites (worms & fluke) in livestock. His research interests are in parasite diagnostics, detection in the environment, vaccination studies and the detection and management of anthelmintic resistance.Philip also has interests in conservation grazing, the impact of climate change on helminth parasite epidemiology and the impact of endemic disease on the carbon footprint of livestock production. He sits on the Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) Steering Group, with specific responsibility for liver fluke and anthelmintics and the environment working groups.

Lesley Stubbings, Independent Sheep Consultant: Graduated in 1979 University of Nottingham in Animal Production.  Spent 18 years working for ADAS and since then have run my own Consultancy business working across the range of Stakeholders in the sheep industry as well as farmers. Involved in setting up SCOPS in 2004, which continues to be a significant part of my work. Appointed OBE in 2006 for services to the livestock industry. Joint Author of “Feeding the Ewe’ (2017)  SCOPS Technical manual update (2020). Honorary Associate Professor University of Nottingham

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