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Moredun Research Institute conducts world class scientific research to improve farm animal health and welfare through the prevention and control of infectious diseases of livestock. 

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Moredun is a unique and valuable national facility employing highly trained and skilled staff.

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Moredun is committed to keep those who work directly with livestock up to date with the latest advances in animal health.

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Effective disease control is a global issue and Moredun is extremely proud of the many research collaborations it has established in order to drive animal health research forward.

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Moredun's science strategy centres on the multidisciplinary study of specific diseases or conditions by integrated application of scientific capabilities.

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Moredun Research Institute is grateful for the funding it receives in order to continue its world class research.

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Moredun is committed to promoting animal health and welfare through research and education and is recognized worldwide for its contribution to research into infectious diseases of farmed livestock.