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Pentlands Science Park is proud of the local and national partnerships it has developed.

It is a key partner in a unique alliance of science and technology centres known as the Midlothian Science Zone. The Midlothian Science Zone is a world-leading centre of science and research excellence on the outskirts of Edinburgh. World-renowned research institutes combine with a leading world-ranked research university to give the region its well-deserved global influence in many disciplines, including animal health, life sciences, biotechnology, agri-tech and aquaculture. The partnership provides a supportive community and offers access to knowledge and expertise, resources and facilities, new technologies, accommodation and services, business support and networks.  Its main objective is to foster a One Health community, increasing levels of collaboration between academia and business whilst raising the profile of world-leading research and access to state-of-the-art facilities.

UKSPA seeks to develop and promote science parks as a key player in the science, innovation and incubation agenda.  Pentlands Science Park is also a member of the Scottish Science Parks Group, a sub-committee of UKSPA, which is a forum to discuss issues relevant to Scottish Science Parks.

Scottish Enterprise, Scotland’s economic development agency, is the key driver of life sciences development in Scotland and a vital supporter and partner in the success of Pentlands Science Park.

Midlothian & East Lothian Chamber of Commerce  provides a wide array of services to local businesses.  As a member, Pentlands Science Park sponsored the Chamber Graduate of the Year Award in 2009 and hosts regular networking events organised by the Chamber.

Midlothian Council is a key partner in the development and success of Pentlands Science Park. The Council has provided a supportive framework for the development of the life sciences industry in Midlothian.


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