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Collaborations and Partnerships

Moredun recognises the importance of collaboration in order to encourage innovative science and interdisciplinary approaches

Moredun scientists have established links with many organisations  in the UK and worldwide. Key partnerships are detailed below.

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Scottish Environment Food & Agriculture Research Institutes (SEFARI)

Moredun is part of a collaborative group of Scottish Research Institutes that receive funding from the Scottish Government to conduct research relevant to policy involving agriculture, the environment, food security, biodiversity, climate change, disease prevention and control and health and well being.

The research institutes that make up SEFARI are:

  • Moredun Research Institute
  • The James Hutton Institute
  • SRUC
  • Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland (BioSS)
  • The Rowett Institute
  • Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Midlothian Science Zone


The Moredun Research Institute sits within a unique alliance of science and technology centres known as the Midlothian Science Zone.  The Midlothian Science Zone is a centre of science and research excellence on the outskirts of Edinburgh, where world-renowned research institutes combine with a leading world-ranked research university to give the region its well-deserved global influence in many disciplines, including animal health, life sciences, biotechnology, agri-tech and aquaculture.

The partnership provides a supportive community and offers access to knowledge and expertise, resources and facilities, new technologies, accommodation and services, business support and networks.  Its main objective is to foster a One Health community, increasing levels of collaboration between academia and business whilst raising the profile of world-leading research and access to state-of-the-art facilities.

Easter Bush Research Consortium

The Easter Bush Research Consortium (EBRC) brings Moredun together with the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, The Roslin Institute of the University of Edinburgh, and the Animal Science researchers of the Scottish Agricultural College.

The partnerships and expertise within the EBRC provide major opportunities for the application and exploitation of research looking at the prevention and control of infectious diseases and animal health and welfare.

Scotland's Rural College (SRUC)

Moredun and SRUC work closely together through the provision of research and veterinary disease surveillance services to the Scottish Government. In 2017, a strengthened partnership between the two organisations was announced.

The enhanced partnership aims to provide:

  • new technologies for enhanced livestock health, welfare and production.
  • enhanced primary agricultural production with a focus on grassland and grazing systems in support of Scotland Food and Drink’s Ambition 2030.
  • global leadership in the integration of livestock research and development, animal disease surveillance, knowledge exchange, and training to address the grand challenges of sustainable food systems.
  • novel approaches to precision agriculture in integrated farming systems with emphasis on upland and hill areas.
  • protection of human health by reducing reliance on interventions with antibiotics, pesticides, and reduction in zoonotic infections.

Heriot Watt University

Scientists from Moredun and Heriot Watt University meet regularly to discuss and explore opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations.

Moredun’s expertise in disease pathogenesis, control and management coupled with Heriot Watt’s strength in modelling, engineering, technology and the environment makes for an exciting partnership and one of great potential and benefit. The partnership has resulted in winning joint external funding and involved postgraduate student projects. New innovations are the development of rapid pen-side diagnostics and sensors applied to precision farming techniques.

Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL)

Moredun is a member of the Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL). Drawing on world-class research, industry and SME innovation, CIEL’s goal is to successfully tackle key livestock farming challenges faced by the UK and around the world.  The organisation members span the food supply chain, including producers, processors, retailers, veterinary health, feed companies and SME innovators.

Moredun brings expertise in disease pathogenesis, prevention and control to CIEL projects.

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