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Centenary +1 event

  • Speakers:
    • Gareth Baird (Chairman of the Moredun Foundation)
    • Mungo Guthrie (Regional Board member)
    • Francesca Chianini
    • Alastair Nisbet
    • Kathy Geyer
  • HRH The Princess Royal presents awards to previous Deputy Director of Moredun Research Institute Willie Donachie and Chairman of the Moredun Foundation Ian Duncan Millar.    Ian Duncan Millar was awarded Fellowship of the Moredun Foundation and Ian and Willie were both awarded Moredun Centenary Award for outstanding contribution to the Moredun Foundation.
  • HRH The Princess Royal unveils the Moredun Centenary plaque.

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Centenary +1 event Cover

Centenary +1 event

General Videos

HRH The Princess Royal and special guest speakers celebrate Moredun's Centenary.

Fluke & Roundworn FEC Cover

Fluke & Roundworn FEC

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Fluke & Roundworn faecal egg count (FEC) video

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