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General Videos

Centenary +1 event Cover

Centenary +1 event

General Videos

HRH The Princess Royal and special guest speakers celebrate Moredun's Centenary.

Fluke & Roundworn FEC Cover

Fluke & Roundworn FEC

General Videos

Fluke & Roundworn faecal egg count (FEC) video

OPA Control Cover

OPA Control

General Videos

Ovine pulmonary adenocarcinoma (OPA, also known as jaagsiekte) is an infectious and fatal lung disease of sheep.

BBC Landward – Neospora Cover

BBC Landward – Neospora

General Videos

Neosporosis is the infectious disease of animals caused by Neospora caninum

Feeding the 9 Billion Cover

Feeding the 9 Billion

General Videos

Food security is a complex issue which intersects many different research disciplines

Enlightenment: The Art of Science – Launch Night Cover

Enlightenment: The Art of Science – Launch Night

General Videos

A short film documenting the launch an exciting new photographic exhibition.

Livestock Keepers #5 – Farming in Shetland Cover

Livestock Keepers #5 – Farming in Shetland

General Videos

Find out how the farming community operates on the beautiful Scottish Shetland Isles, from meat production to spinning wool.

Livestock Keepers #4 – Highland Cattle Cover

Livestock Keepers #4 – Highland Cattle

General Videos

Meet the farmers who raise the iconic Highland cattle.

Livestock Keepers #3 – Aberdeen Angus Cover

Livestock Keepers #3 – Aberdeen Angus

General Videos

Raising and showing Aberdeen Angus cows can be a family affair!

Livestock Keepers #2 – David and Gerald Cover

Livestock Keepers #2 – David and Gerald

General Videos

Part of our Livestock Keepers audio series. Hear about David's experience with the farming life, flanked by his trusty pet sheep Gerald.

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