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Livestock Keepers #1 – Contributing to the life and heritage of Scotland’s rural communities

Scotland has a long and proud tradition of keeping livestock and produces some of the best quality food, renowned throughout the world. Around 75% of Scotland’s land is used for agricultural production, with farmers and crofters producing outputs worth around £2.3 billion every year.

Livestock Keepers is a “Talking Science” project funded by the Moredun Foundation and the Scottish Government. It seeks to highlight the stories of the diverse range of people that keep livestock, and the contributions they make to life and heritage of Scotland’s rural communities.

Latest Videos

Centenary +1 event Cover

Centenary +1 event

General Videos

HRH The Princess Royal and special guest speakers celebrate Moredun's Centenary.

Fluke & Roundworn FEC Cover

Fluke & Roundworn FEC

General Videos

Fluke & Roundworn faecal egg count (FEC) video

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