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Help with Sheep worm questionnaire

Wormer resistance is a growing problem on sheep farms in the UK, as in other countries. Recent data show that on most farms, at least one and more usually two or three wormer groups are not having the expected impact on roundworms. To help plan for the future, a new questionnaire from Queen’s University Belfast and the Moredun Research Institute seeks to gather information on what you are doing to control worms, and what you think of wormer resistance and how to deal with it. There are 20 questions and the whole thing takes around 10 minutes to complete. Please share your experience and opinion on: 

Results will be used to assess the state of play on wormer resistance in the UK: what farmers are doing well already to try to preserve wormer effectiveness, and where management could be improved. That will guide future education materials and other support, for example through SCOPS.

Need advice on wormer resistance? Visit SCOPS here:

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