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Date Posted: 16.07.2024

SCOPS launches 2nd series of podcast

The new podcast series from the Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) group drop this week, offering yet another tool to the UK sheep industry on this essential topic. Episode 1:...

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Date Posted: 20.06.2024

Press Release: £1.1M Funding to Develop Genetic Solutions for Maedi-Visna in Sheep

A collaborative research team has been awarded a £1.1million grant to tackle the devastating impact of Maedi-visna (MV), a chronic infectious disease affecting sheep and goats. This groundbreaking project seeks...

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Date Posted: 19.06.2024

Moredun Research Institute awarded £1.2M grant to tackle resistance to sheep scab treatments

The Moredun Research Institute, in collaboration with leading partners, has been awarded a £1.2M grant to explore the mechanism of resistance to the macrocyclic lactone (ML) injectables in the sheep...

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Date Posted: 07.06.2024

Moredun is deeply saddened to hear of the death Dr Hugh Reid

Moredun colleagues past and present were very sad to hear the news of the death of Dr Hugh Reid who was world renowned for his research into viruses and developing...

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Date Posted: 23.05.2024

SCOPS Nematodirus Forecast gives confidence in low-risk year

While the cold and quite often wet weather in early spring made lambing harder work than usual in many parts of the UK, the Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep...

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Date Posted: 17.05.2024

Now is the time to start faecal egg counts (FECs) on February and March-born lambs,...

While roundworm activity so far this season has been relatively low, the Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) Group says the recent temperature increase means this could change quickly...

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Date Posted: 04.04.2024

Consultation on Cattle Identification and Traceability in Scotland

The consultation on cattle identification and traceability in Scotland is now live. This consultation will seek views on various topics surrounding cattle identification and traceability. The consultation will also seek...

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Date Posted: 28.03.2024

SEFARI Education Booklet 2024

This booklet is dedicated to sharing science education resources created across SEFARI which cover a variety of Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture (ENRA) topics, are free to access, and were...

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Date Posted: 27.03.2024

Practical advice issued for users of the SCOPS Nematodirus Forecast

Wide fluctuations in temperature, weather patterns and topography means the nematodirus threat continues to be hugely variable for sheep flocks up and down the UK – which is why the...

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Date Posted: 19.03.2024

New Moredun Foundation Regional Board in Northern Ireland

The Moredun Foundation, a leading farming animal health charity, is delighted to announce the establishment of a new Regional Board in Northern Ireland. This new board will play a pivotal...

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