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Date Posted: 07.12.2021

New video showing life cycle of liver fluke

Dr Philip Skuce, who leads the fluke research at Moredun, was very fortunate to have been sent this fantastic short video of the liver fluke lifecycle, created by parasitologist, Dr...

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Date Posted: 24.11.2021

PRESS RELEASE: The Princess Royal visits Moredun to celebrate 100 years of excellence in animal...

Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal attended a special event held today, Wednesday 24th November, at The Moredun Foundation, Pentlands Science Park to celebrate 100 years of excellence in animal...

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Date Posted: 04.11.2021

Update on community led sheep scab control project in England funded by DEFRA

There are estimated to be about 8-10,000 outbreaks of sheep scab in the UK every year with many flocks infested persistently in areas of high scab prevalence. Scab costs the...

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Date Posted: 11.10.2021

SCOPS Fluke warning for cattle and sheep farmers as range of treatment options reduces

A dry, cool spring across most of the UK, followed by some hot, dry spells over the summer, means the liver fluke risk is generally going to be low this...

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Date Posted: 08.10.2021

HELP with Sheep scab survey

We invite all GB sheep farmers to participate in the SHEEP SCAB SURVEY 2021 whether or not you have experienced sheep scab in your flock before. The survey aims to...

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Date Posted: 20.09.2021

PRESS RELEASE: New research into novel vaccines against ovine enzootic abortion

A new vaccine being developed against ovine enzootic abortion by scientists at the Moredun Research Institute has shown very promising results in laboratory trials being able to protect against abortion...

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Date Posted: 17.09.2021

Elanco A2K event, 17th Sept 2021

Moredun scientists were delighted to contribute to the recent Elanco Animal Health ‘Access to Knowledge’ (A2K) event, held virtually on Fri 17th September. This was one of a series of...

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Date Posted: 10.09.2021

SCOPS Quarantine advice for internal and external parasites

With so many potential risk to consider when bringing sheep into a flock, the Sustainable Control of Parasistes in Sheep (SCOPS) group has created new resources to help vets and...

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Date Posted: 03.09.2021

PRESS RELEASE: Honorary Fellowships for Gareth Jones and William Stewart

The Moredun Foundation, the governing body of Moredun Research Institute, was delighted to award two honorary fellowships to Gareth Jones and William Stewart at its AGM held on Thursday 2nd...

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Date Posted: 18.08.2021

DEFRA: Better welfare conditions for millions of farm animals during transit

New rules on maximum journey times and more headroom will raise welfare of farm animals during transport. Higher welfare standards for farm animals being transported, including shorter journey times, more...

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