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SCOPS launches 2nd series of podcast

The new podcast series from the Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) group drop this week, offering yet another tool to the UK sheep industry on this essential topic.

In this episode we talk about environmental impacts and how acting on the SCOPS principles can help to reduce the impact of medicine use on the environment. We ask what it means in practice for parasite control in sheep and cattle, how achievable it is and what tools there are to enable it?

The SCOPS Podcast is back for another series! Ben is joined by Dr Philip Skuce, vet Rob Howe and farmer Rich Thomas to discuss reducing environmental impact.

Episode 2: Fri 19th July 5am Quarantine

Episode 3: Tues 23rd July  5am Mid/late season break dose

Episode 4: Fri 26th July 5am MAR

They will all appear on this feed: SCOPS Podcast (

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