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Webinar for Vets – The EGS Fellowship and grass sickness research

Event date: Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Event location: Online



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How can you help with the future of Equine Grass Sickness research?

We are looking for Vet Ambassadors:

Coherent sample collection of equines affected with EGS has been a limitation to research advances in this field so far. Therefore, the main objective of the project is to establish a national EGS database and sample archive with the collaborative efforts of horse owners and vets. This EGS biobank will be invaluable resource for scientists and will provide the basis for novel research into this enigmatic and fatal disease.

In a mission to raise awareness of this devastating disease, encourage case reports and to aid with sample collection of EGS affected horses, we are setting up a network of veterinary practices throughout the UK that will assist in collection of relevant biological samples (both pre- and post-mortem) for the EGS biobank.

Descriptive protocols detailing the sampling procedure, as well as sampling kits and prepaid postage labels will be provided.

If you are interested in supporting our project and the future of EGS research, please join us on via a webinar on Tuesday 23rd March 7.30-8.30pm to hear about our new research initiative using a fresh approach to investigate the causal agents involved in EGS.

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