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Control of watery mouth in neonatal lambs in the face of limited supply of Spectam Scour Halt for the 2022 lambing season

The Sheep Veterinary Society have been made aware that Spectam Scour Halt (Ceva Animal Health) is currently experiencing availability issues, and this is the only licensed oral antibiotic for the prevention of watery mouth in neonatal lambs.

There is increasingly a good awareness that it is inappropriate to use any prophylactic antibiotics and we know that many flocks have made significant progress in reducing their use of oral antibiotics in lambs through hygiene, provision of colostrum and good ewe nutrition.  However, there were nearly 6 million doses of Spectam Scour Halt sold in GB last season and we are aware that there are still a number of vets who routinely prescribe antibiotics for neonatal lambs.

SVS guidance watery mouth and unavailability of Spectam Scour Halt released 08Dec21

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