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Further bluetongue cases confirmed

Following active surveillance in the north-east Kent Temporary Control Zone (TCZ), a further 5 cases of bluetongue in cattle have been identified on a holding in the Sandwich Bay area.

The holding is situated in the existing TCZ.

All 5 animals will be humanely culled to minimise the risk of onward transmission. The TCZ is not being extended and movement restrictions continue to apply to cattle, sheep and other ruminants in the Zone.

This brings the total number of cases to 19 on 8 different holdings. There is currently still no evidence that bluetongue virus is circulating in Great Britain. Surveillance is ongoing.

Check if you’re in a zone on the bluetongue disease control zone map.

Legislation is now in place around movement of animals into and out of the temporary control zone. For up to date information on the location of the control zone visit the Defra website here.

Farmers can access and call the dedicated bluetongue hotline to get advice or ask questions linked to the current situation – call the bluetongue hotline on 024 7771 0386.

In the UK, bluetongue, including BTV-3, is a notifiable disease, so anyone suspecting the disease must take action and report it to the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA).

Further information on clinical signs and resources can be found here:

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