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Moredun and NSA seal another partnership agreement for the next three years

Moredun and the National Sheep Association (NSA) are delighted to announce a further three-year agreement to work collaboratively for the benefit of the UK sheep sector.

Professor Lee Innes, Director of Communications at Moredun says: “Since the original membership partnership was created in 2011, Moredun and NSA have enjoyed a positive and productive relationship, increasing the impact of industry engagement through collaborative working across many areas of the sheep industry. The renewal of this latest partnership agreement will continue to build on the successful collaboration by working together to promote the highest standards of sheep health and welfare and enhance educational opportunities to help support the sheep industry. With many areas of common ground in sheep health and welfare, this is a partnership that yields many benefits to both organisations, their members and the wider sheep industry.”

Over 100 years ago, Moredun was formed by an enlightened group of Scottish sheep farmers who were looking for answers to diseases that were devastating their flocks. The Moredun scientists soon had answers in the form of diagnostics, vaccines and disease control strategies for many of these problematic diseases. Moredun have stayed close to their roots, leading research programmes in sheep disease to continuing issues such as sheep scab, liver fluke and gastro-intestinal nematodes. Moredun remains to this day led by farmers and are committed to creative knowledge exchange programmes to ensure this knowledge is disseminated to those that need it most, the livestock farmers.

NSA is a UK organisation that represents the views and interests of all sheep producers in the UK and strives for a sustainable and prosperous industry for the sector.
As the industry evolves to provide even more public goods to tackle the effects of climate change, while continuing to farm with the highest of health and welfare standards to feed the population, and reacting to an ever-changing legislative landscape, NSA’s scope is broader than ever. NSA promotes high animal health and welfare standards encouraging producers to make the most of the advice available and maintain a close relationship with local vets. Annual health plans are also encouraged to prevent health issues in the flock, rather than react.

Phil Stocker, NSA Chief Executive, says: “Putting these two organisations together is a no brainer! The sharing of consistent, current and independent information to benefit sheep health and welfare has been at the centre of this partnership since its inception. We are planning a collaborative event at Rhug Estate in Wales next May and always seek to explore all opportunities that benefit both our organisations and the industry we serve. Both organisations are committed to developing and improving this partnership, which we manage to do every year – a bit like a good wine!”

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