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New Podcast launches today: Equine Grass Sickness: updating The Moredun’s search for a cure

On Monday (16th January 2023), we’ll hear an update from The Moredun Foundation and the Equine Grass Sickness Fund on their progress.

In February 2021, Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne, was a guest on OnFARM, launching a fundraising drive to find a cure for Equine Grass Sickness. The mysterious disease is almost always fatal to horses, and, in recent years, had killed 5 prized Highland ponies on Her Majesty the Queen’s Balmoral estate. Efforts to find a treatment are being led by Dr Beth Wells of Edinburgh’s Moredun Research Institute, while fundraising is spearheaded by RHASS director and equine vet Anne Logan. In this episode, Anna speaks with Beth and Anne for an update on their important work.

We are grateful to Horselyx for supporting this episode.

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