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PRESS RELEASE: Stop the Creeps on Sheep! New animation out now.

Moredun, in conjunction with Elanco Animal Health, have released a new, engaging short animation in their entertaining animation series.

“Stop the Creeps on Sheep” is a fun way to learn about the four main ectoparasites of sheep, which treatments are effective and how to use them for best effect. It clearly explains the different treatment options available and how to use these correctly to ensure treatments are effective.

The ectoparasites concerned – sheep scab, lice, ticks and blowfly – cause economic, health and welfare concerns in sheep production systems and are endemic in UK flocks. Lack of clear knowledge of the treatments available, and which are effective against each parasite, can lead to control measures not being fully effective. This is very important for both short and long-term parasite control. Using the wrong treatment for any one parasite can leave you with serious welfare and production problems and using any product incorrectly can select for resistance within the parasite groups.

Created by the talented Selina Wagner of Ping Creates, this animation describes which product groups are effective for each parasite in a fun and entertaining way, and how to use them to effectively control those parasites.

Matt Colston, Ruminant Technical Consultant at Elanco Animal Health said:

“I must give Selina full credit for tackling what can be a confusing subject, and presenting the information in such a clear, concise and entertaining way.”

Dr Beth Wells, Knowledge Exchange Specialist at Moredun said:

“It has been great working with Elanco and Ping Creates to put together this animation, with its fun graphics and clear messages. We have found using animation to communicate complex information is valuable in terms of increasing understanding and engagement.”

This animation was funded by Elanco and the Moredun Foundation.

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