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PRESS RELEASE: Test Don’t Guess: A fun way to learn about parasite monitoring to improve livestock performance!

Moredun scientists, in conjunction with international colleagues from COMBAR (COMbatting Anthelmintic Resistance in Ruminants), have developed a new animation in their entertaining series. “Test Don’t Guess” takes you through easy steps to monitor infections levels and assess anthelmintic efficacy in roundworm and liver fluke in your sheep and cattle.

Parasite infections are an economic, health and welfare concern in all livestock systems and are endemic in UK flocks and herds. Monitoring tools need to be used much more widely than they are at present if we are to control parasites sustainably, slow down the development of anthelmintic resistance, protect the treatments we have available and improve the efficiency of livestock production. “

This recently produced, informative animation covers the subjects of roundworm and liver fluke control and illustrates how you can easily incorporate monitoring of these parasites into your livestock management system. Created by the talented Selina Wagner of Ping Creates, it describes, in a fun and entertaining way, how testing is key and simple, as well as quick and cost-effective to carry out.

Dr Dave Bartley, Principal Scientist, Moredun said, “Because the issues of parasites and anthelmintic efficacy are so important to farmers across Europe, we decided to join forces and develop an animation to cover the key areas in a clear and concise way.”

This animation was funded by the European COST Action, RESAS and the Moredun Foundation.


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