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New video showing life cycle of liver fluke

Dr Philip Skuce, who leads the fluke research at Moredun, was very fortunate to have been sent this fantastic short video of the liver fluke lifecycle, created by parasitologist, Dr Clive Bennett (University of Southampton, rtd) and film maker, Dr David Barlow.

Life cycle of Fasciola hepatica

It is the culmination of almost 10 years of work. This is only the rough edit, as Clive and David have approximately 100 hours of footage in high definition 4K!

The video gives us a snail’s eye view of the larval stages on pasture and in the environment that we never normally see. It also gives us an idea of the biotic potential of the liver fluke, and an idea of what our livestock and livestock farmers are up against. It brings the whole amazing process to life better than any graphic or slide could do.

Thank you to Clive and David for kindly sharing this with us.

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