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SCOPS highlights APHA special offer on haemonchus testing

SCOPS would like to draw attention of vets, advisers and farmers that APHA is currently offering a reduced price on staining of trichostrongyle-type eggs in faecal egg tests (FECs) to detect haemonchus sp. eggs. See the notification from APHA below.

Reduced APHA price for Haemonchus eggs differential stain, TC0777.

At this point in the summer, be alert to the possibility of haemonchosis in grazing sheep and goats, particularly after heavy rains. This tropical/subtropical parasite is better able to survive in warmer temperatures in contrast to our more usual gastro-intestinal parasites e.g. Teladorsagia circumcincta. Clinical signs are anaemia and sub-cutaneous oedema (bottle jaw). Diarrhoea is not a feature where Haemonchus contortus predominates in the host. There is little immunity to this parasite, so disease can be seen in lambs and adults. APHA Veterinary Investigation Centre Carmarthen can carry out differential staining on trichostrongyle-type eggs to detect haemonchus sp. eggs (TC0777).

From Saturday 1st July 2023, APHA will be offering TC0777 at a reduced price of £20. You can submit individual faecal samples (10g minimum) using the Small Ruminant submission form to APHA VIC, Job’s Well Road, Johnstown, Carmarthen SA31 3EZ. Please request a worm egg count (TC0060) first, as a minimum of 200epg needs to be present to do the TC0777 test for haemonchus sp. eggs.

When submitting samples please include a history of recent anthelmintic treatments. Further information in the haemonchus contortus SCOPS guidance.

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