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Richard Mole


Job Title:
Chief Operating Officer

Contact Number:
0131 4456 202

The Moredun Group, Pentlands Science Park, Bush Loan, Penicuik, Midlothian EH26 0PZ

Job Role

Richard’s responsibilities as Chief Operating Officer include:

  • Day to day operational management for Moredun Research Institute and The Moredun Foundation activities.
  • Management and administration of the Institute’s Grants and Patent estate.
  • Translation of the Institute’s intellectual property into commercial outputs (such as vaccines) and fostering interactions with commercial collaborators.
  • Quality, compliance and Health and Safety.
  • Operational, administration and business development activities for Genomia Seed Fund and Wormvax Australia


Richard has extensive experience with the design, development, manufacture and regulatory approval of biotechnology products in a number of territories, including SE Asia, having previously taken four products from the research bench to the market.

Initially his interest was in the medical sector, but since 2007 has focused on animal health applications and has worked in a variety of projects with Moredun Research Institute, Roslin Foundation and the Institute for Animal Health. During this time he established Inocul8, a company focused on the development of novel veterinary vaccines, which assisted creating Wormvax Australia which produces the first commercially available vaccine (Barbervax) against gastro-intestinal nematodes infections in livestock.

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