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Association of CD80 and CD86 Expression Levels with Disease Status of Visna/Maedi Virus Infected Sheep

Published: 2007

Research Scotland: 20.500.12594/11629


  • Reina, R.

  • Glaria, I.

  • Benavides, J.

  • De Andres, X.

  • Crespo, H.

  • Solano, C.

  • Perez, V.

  • Lujan, L.

  • Perez, M.M

  • Perez de la Lastra, J.M.

  • Rosati, S.

  • Blacklaws, B.

  • Harkiss, G.

  • De Andres, D.

  • Amorena, B.

Is Part of:

Viral Immunology, 20, 4, pp609-622.

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