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Bacterial quorum sensing signalling molecules as immune modulators

Published: 2009

Research Scotland: 20.500.12594/11553


  • Pritchard, D.

  • Hooi, D.

  • Watson, E.

  • Chow, S.

  • Telford, G.

  • Bycroft, B.

  • Chhabra, S.R.

  • Harty, C.

  • Camara, M.

  • Diggle, S.

  • Williams, P.

Is Part of:

In: Henderson, B. & Oyston, P.C.F. (eds.). Bacterial evasion of host immune responses (Advances in Cellular and Molecular Microbiology). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Part III, Chapter 9, pp201-222.

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