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Large scale screening for benzimidazole resistance mutations in Nematodirus battus, using both pyrosequence genotyping and deep amplicon sequencing, indicates the early emergence of resistance on UK sheep farms

Published: 2020

Research Scotland: 20.500.12594/11870


  • Melville, L.A.

  • Redman, E.

  • Morrison, A.A.

  • Chen, P.C.R.

  • Avramenko, R.

  • Mitchell, S.

  • Van Dijk, J.

  • Innocent, G.

  • Sargison, F.

  • Aitken, C.

  • Gilleard, J.S.

  • Bartley, D.J.

Is Part of:

International Journal for Parasitology: Drugs and Drug Resistance, 12, pp68-76.

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