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Prevalence and Epidemiology of Non-O157 Escherichia coli Serogroups O26, O103, O111, and O145 and Shiga Toxin Gene Carriage in Scottish Cattle, 2014–2015

Published: 2021


  • Deborah V. Hoyle

  • Marianne Keith

  • Helen Williamson

  • Kareen Macleod

  • Heather Mathie

  • Ian Handel

  • Carol Currie

  • Anne Holmes

  • Lesley Allison

  • Rebecca McLean

  • Rebecca Callaby

  • Thibaud Porphyre

  • Sue C. Tongue

  • Madeleine K. Henry

  • Judith Evans

  • George J. Gunn

  • David L. Gally

  • Nuno Silva

  • Margo E. Chase-Topping


Cattle are reservoirs for Shiga toxin
Escherichia coli
(STEC), bacteria shed in animal feces. Humans are infected through consumption of contaminated food or water and by direct contact, causing serious disease and kidney failure in the most vulnerable.

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