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Psychrobacter raelei sp. nov., isolated from a dog with peritonitis

Published: 2024


  • Viviana Manzulli

  • Antonella Schiavone

  • Stefano Castellana

  • Marzia Albenzio

  • Maria Assunta Cafiero

  • Antonio Camarda

  • Loredana Capozzi

  • Francesca D'Angelo

  • Antonio Parisi

  • Ilaria Vasco

  • Dario Sciancalepore

  • Leonardo Marino

  • Luigina Serrecchia

  • Valeria Rondinone

  • Maria Campaniello

  • Giuseppe Crescenzo

  • Domenico Galante

  • Nicola Pugliese

Is Part of:

International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 74, 4, 006353


A strain belonging to the genus Psychrobacter, named PraFG1T, was isolated from the peritoneal effusion of a stray dog during necropsy procedures. The strain was characterized by the phylogenetic analyses based on the nucleotide sequences of 16S and 23S rRNA genes and of gyrB, which placed the strain in the genus Psychrobacter. The nucleotide sequence of the chromosome confirmed the placement, showing an average nucleotide identity of 72.1, 77.7, and 77.5 % with the closest related species, namely Psychrobacter sanguinis, Psychrobacter piechaudii, and Psychrobacter phenylpyruvicus, respectively, thus indicating a novel species. The polyphasic characterization by biochemical and fatty acid profiling as well as MALDI-TOF supported those findings. The strain was halotolerant, capable of growing within a temperature range between 4 and 37 °C, it was positive for catalase and oxidase, indole producing, nitrate reducing, and not able to use 5-keto-d-gluconic acid as a carbon source. Taken together, the data suggest that strain PraFG1T could be considered as representing a novel species, with the name Psychrobacter raelei sp. nov. (type strain PraFG1T=CIP 111873T=LMG 32233T).

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