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Systemic DNA immunization against ovine lentivirus using particle-mediated epidermal delivery and modified vaccinia Ankara encoding the gag and/or env genes

Published: 2009

Research Scotland: 20.500.12594/12269


  • Niesalla, H.

  • De Andres, X.

  • Barzebange, C.

  • Fraisier, C.

  • Reina, R.

  • Arnarson, H.

  • Biescas, E.

  • Mazzei, M.

  • McNeilly, T.N.

  • Liu, C.

  • Watkins, C.

  • Perez, M.

  • Carrozza, M.L.

  • Bandecchi, P.

  • Solano, C.

  • Crespo, H.

  • Glaria, I.

  • Huard, C.

  • Harkiss, G.D.

Is Part of:

Vaccine, 27, 2, pp260-269.

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