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Transplantation of schistosome sporocysts between host snails: A video guide


  • Gabriel Mouahid

  • Anne Rognon

  • Ronaldo de Carvalho Augusto

  • Patrick Driguez

  • Kathy Geyer

  • Shannon Karinshak

  • Nelia Luviano

  • Victoria Mann

  • Thomas Quack

  • Kate Rawlinson

  • George Wendt

  • Christoph Grunau

  • Hélène Moné


Schistosomiasis is an important parasitic disease, touching roughly 200 million people worldwide. The causative agents are different Schistosoma species. Schistosomes have a complex life cycle, with a freshwater snail as intermediate host. After infection, sporocysts develop inside the snail host and give rise to human dwelling larvae. We present here a detailed step-by-step video instruction in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese that shows how these sporocysts can be manipulated and transferred from one snail to another. This procedure provides a technical basis for different types of ex vivo modifications, such as those used in functional genomics studies.

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