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Iain MacKay

Job Title:
Regional Advisor - North of Scotland


Iain grew up on the tenanted family hill farm in Luss by Loch Lomond. After studing agriculture at Oatridge he become a self-employed agricultural contractor with the aim to establish his own farming business. Iain now has a 5-year tenancy of Torloisk Farm on the Isle of Mull where he runs 1,000 North Country Cheviot and Blackface ewes and 55 Highland cows on 3,200ha of rough hill ground. He produces commercial and pedigree stock for the breeding and store market and has recently co-founded Torloisk Highland – a company which supplies prime Highland beef into London.

Iain is involved with a range of trials, focus and benchmarking groups and has been a QMS monitor farmer. He carries out extensive livestock performance recording, with the in-bye stud flock being fully recorded.

Iain has always been actively involved with industry organisations. In addition to his role as Moredun Regional Advisor, he is also currently a member of the NFUS Regional Board, QMS Sheep Strategy Group and the NFUS Tenants Working Group. Furthermore, Iain is a past council member of the Highland Cattle Society, former Chairman of the NFUS Mull Branch and member of the ScotGov New Entrants Panel. Iain was also the founding chairman of the NFUS Next Generation Group and was involved in the Agricultural Holdings Legislation Review Group.

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