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Regional Advisors

Chairs of the Regional Boards:

North of England – Bridget Taylor

South of England – Frank Langrish

Wales – John Yeomans

North of Scotland – Sandy Tulloch

South of Scotland – Mungo Guthrie

North of England

Tabitha Allen

Thomas Carrick

Eddie Eastham

Kate Gascoyne

Rachel Hall

Fiona Kidd

Charlie Maclaren

Dominic Naylor

Anna Whitehead

South of England

Peter Baber

Patrick Green

Bill Hill

Alan Murphy

Guda Marina van der Burgt

Simon Watchorn

Nerys Wright


Jospeh Angell


Lynfa Davies

Sally Harmer

Oli Hodgkinson

John Hughes

Dafydd Jones

Catherine Nakielny

Kate Phillips

Susan Turley

John Yeomans

North of Scotland

Ian Gill

Kevin Kennedy

Billy Kyle

Bobby Lennox

Iain MacKay

Stephen Mackenzie

Mary McCall Smith

Rod McKenzie

Donald McLean

Kathy Peebles

Amy Jo Reid

Bill Wilson

South of Scotland

John Bell

Scott Brown

Rory Clark Kennedy

Roddy Dunse

Lorraine Luescher

Colin Mason

Colin Penny

Kate Rowell

John Scott

Kevin Stewart

Sion Williams

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