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Scientific Papers

Published Year:
  • Lee, A.R.,
  • Park, S.B.,
  • Kim, S.W.,
  • Jung, J.W.,
  • Chun, J.H.,
  • Kim, J.,
  • Kim, Y.R.,
  • Lazarte, J.M.S.,
  • Jang, H.B.,
  • Thompson, K.D.,
  • Jung, M.,
  • Ha, M.W.,
  • Jung, T.S.,

Journal of Applied Microbiology, 10.1111/jam.15449

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Published Year:
  • Huang, W.,
  • Dicks, K.L.,
  • Hadfield, J.D.,
  • Johnston, S.E.,
  • Ballingall, K.T.,
  • Pemberton, J.M.,

Ecology Letters, 10.1111/ele.13957

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