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Enlightenment: The Art of Science

An arts exhibition, inspired by scientific research being conducted at the Scottish Research Institutes forming the Knowledge Scotland partnership, was launched at the Dovecot studios in Edinburgh on 8th March 2010.

The exhibition, called Enlightenment: The Art of Science was developed by Moredun Research Institute and features a creative mix of arts and science images by Scottish photographer David McIntyre. Mr McIntyre spent time with researchers throughout Scotland discussing their research before using the medium of photography to create graphic and abstract images inspired by the science.

There are 30 images in the exhibition with accompanying text and it is hoped that the images provoke curiosity and draw people to the caption to find out more about the science that inspired the image.

The exhibition has since been displayed at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and numerous locations throughout Scotland.


Enlightenment: The Art of Science – Launch Night (video)

Enlightenment: The Art of Science (PDF booklet)

Enlightenment: The Art of Science – Launch night (PDF booklet)


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