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International Thoroughbred Breeders Federation (ITBF) Webinar featuring Equine grass sickness

If you missed the International Thoroughbred Breeders Federation (ITBF) webinar featuring Equine Grass Sickness you can catch up here:

Part One: ‘An International Bloodstock Journey’
The story of Kirsten Rausing and Lanwades Stud
An exclusive film and interview telling the story of the businesswoman and Thoroughbred owner-breeder’s journey through the bloodstock world.
From the pedigree-obsessed teenager, to breeding World Champion and Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe heroine, ALPINISTA.
The bloodstock decisions that made this happen!
Live Q & A Session

Part Two: Equine Grass Sickness (EGS) starts from 42.35 mins
A devastating disease with an 80% fatality rate that can occur anywhere in temperate areas of the world where equids are kept. Cases go back over 100 years, but the cause remains unknown.
Research hampered by a lack of samples from EGS cases and co-grazer control – our presenters explain how we can aid critical research progress, leading to a worldwide
understanding of the triggers and causes of the disease – and in turn, the answers that will ultimately protect equines in the future.

  • Dr Richard Newton MRCVS, MSc, PhD and FRCVS
    Director of Epidemiology & Disease Surveillance, Equine Infectious Disease Surveillance from University of Cambridge
  • Dr Beth Wells PhD
    Principal Research Scientist from Moredun Research Institute

Copy of the International Thoroughbred Breeders Federation press release

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